There is a group of women who often suffer in silence. We are women whose husbands are caught in the snare of pornography.
This is a place of help, of hope, of strength.
This blog is written with the assumption that you have chosen to fight for your husband, your marriage, and your family.
The things posted here will be in the form of encouragement and help to do just that.

Monday, April 28, 2014

You are Not Alone - Repost

I don't have anything prepared for today, so here is a re-post from last year. Have a great day!

We all feel it at times. We are alone in our pain. No one knows what our life is like.

Honestly, that is what each person's life is like. A cancer victim might find kindred spirits that also suffer from this horrible disease, but their pain is their own. Their journey is their own. There's a catchy quote that circulates around the internet which says something like, "Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."  

I think this touches everyone because it makes each of us think of our own private battle and we relate to this thought as true for us. Each of us must live our own life and while we are all on our own journey and we will all have our personal ups and downs. However, we are also here to help each other. The purpose of this blog is to offer support and to help each of us to know that we are not alone. 

I have pondered a lot lately with what appears to be a conflict in my beliefs. The bible teaches us that we must fill our own lamp with oil. No one else can do it for us. (Matthew Chapter 25.) Yet we are also supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22:39), and we are to save souls.  (James 5:20).

In truth, both are true. We must endure to the end. And endure well. And we need to bring as many of our loved ones with us who are also willing to endure and keep going.

This trial of pornography addiction is not just our husbands' trial. They are not the only ones who need to learn and grow and change because of this issue. We were also given this trial specifically for our own growth and progress. What do we need to learn? Patience? Love? Forgiveness?

I will address these issues and more in this blog. I don't have a plan for a regular posting schedule. I want to feel inspired to write posts, so there might be gaps. I welcome all feedback and questions. If you have a post you would like me to publish, I would be happy to consider all input for publishing. I don't have all the answers. But maybe together, we can find a way to live joyfully amid our trials. 

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